Welcome to my online home, which is, by contrast, a million times more clean and organized than my actual home. This is a space for me to share things I've written.

I do a lot of writing at Audacious Fox. Recent topics of interesting include: storytelling through video games, the mechanics of writing, typography, web publishing, and my myriad of Apple devices.

You are looking at the latest iteration of many, many designs. This version is engineered to be super lightweight, devoid of analytics and trackers, and typeset for a comfortable reading experience.

My day job, Patriot Software's Lead UX Designer, is fun. Since words are the foundation of web design, I get to do a decent bit of writing at work, which makes me happy. Speaking of my employer, opinions on this site are my own.

I don't know why you'd follow me on Twitter, but here you go. Get notified of new articles via RSS. I enjoy email, so lets talk at comments@dreger.me.

Thanks for reading.

Over the years, I've hidden most of my old posts from the homepage. These articles are still available if you know the address, or you can go to this index of everything.