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Hi. All my current writing (and contact info) is over at Audacious Fox, but I still have these old pieces available for posterity. Thanks for reading.

On Budgeting

Typed for Mac

Something Audacious

Design Principles

Chris Bowler on Mindfulness and Quality

Seth Godin on Writing

Video of the New Tesla D, Zero to 60 in 3.2

Empire's Definitive History of The West Wing

The Newsprint's Review of Vesper

The Serial Podcast

AIs Are Re-Writing History

The Adaptive Tab Bar

Rovio to Lose Some of Its Flock

Chromebooks Selling Well in Education

Reducing Cognitive Friction

How to Be Right Most of the Time

Pebble Watch

Austin Mann Takes the iPhones 6 to Iceland

The Ikea bookbook

London Cabbies Don't Need GPS

Apple Information Privacy

iPhone Pre-Orders Top 4 Million in 24 Hours


Lionel Messi's Improbability

The Wrong Dictionary

Your Porch, Our Street

Clymer on the Apple Watch

Building 3D with Ikea

Pleasant Font Pairings


Daily Routines of Creative People

My Mom's Motorcycle

The Past 80 Years of World Cup Ticket Design

Animagraffs; Not Your Average Gif

Buckeye Boys State 2014

WWDC 2014

Synthesis: Apple Acquires Beats Music and Beats Electronics

Coca-Cola Presents: The Friendly Twist

Vesper Sync

iMessage Woes Continue

The Hidden Beauty of Airport Runways

1Password 4 for Android Arriving June 10

Better to Rent or Buy?

Doug Bowman (@stop) to Leave Twitter

Voice and Tone

'iMessage Purgatory'

Yours Truly, Speaking at Mount Union's Graduation



The Cramped

What's in a Single Drop of Seawater

Better Excerpts in RSS


John Mayer: Someday I'll Fly

Skype Makes Group Video Calling Free

The New Underdog

'Design is about solving problems that humans have, not problems that products have'

1Password 4.5 Released for iOS


Apple OS X Beta Program

Giving up 30% to Sell In-App iOS Subscriptions

Happy Easter!

Facebook Launches "Nearby Friends"

Creating Better Passwords

The Amazon Smartphone

Tips for Mobile Design

Mac Desks

The Next America

Jeff Bezos will Pay You $5k to Quit Working at Amazon

Reeder 2 for Mac Beta

A Look at Firefox OS 2.0

Solving iOS Battery Drain

Grocery Shopping from Home

Practical Advice for Traveling

Apple WWDC Set for June 2

Where Every Story Looks the Same

Scratch-Off Media

Out of Office

HTC Releases the HTC One (M8)

Facebook Acquires Oculus VR

A Note on Touch


Arms Race

A $19 Billion Partnership

Big Cartel Guides

Facebook Plans to Introduce Auto-Playing Video

GoDaddy to File for IPO

Dear Ms. Tina Brown

Two-Thousand Forty-Eight

Looping with Liquid

Some News from this Week

The Age of Mobile

Frank Chimero's New Personal Website

Mechanical Keyboards

Some More Details on Touch ID's Security

GitHub's New Text Editor: Atom

So You Need a Typeface

Podcasting Diaries 2

The Log Podcast

The Nifty MiniDrive

Microsoft Employee Badge Redesign

Presentation: Mobile Web and Applications

Goodbye, Editorially

The World Press Photo Awards

Hemingway: Write Bold and Clear


Sleep and Winding Down


Life is a Game

Podcasting Diaries

Reporter for iPhone Released

Sync Google Fonts to Your Desktop

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

Made on an iPhone

I Don't Need a Popcorn Button

Minimizing Brands

An Apple a Day

Describing RSS

Svbtle and Medium

We Know What You're Doing


The Privacy We Give Away

Tim Van Damme on The Great Discontent

Uber Taken to Court Over Death of Child

ABC's One-On-One with Tim Cook

Apple: Thirty Years of Mac

The Mac Keeps Going

MSNBC Has Bieber Fever


Celebrate The Mac

How to Animate a Photo, The 2.5D Effect

New Old Stock Photography


The Unpublished

That'll Be $1,850

The 2013 List of Worst Passwords

'For Immediate Release'

Tobias Frere-Jones is Suing Jonathan Hoefler

Serif Fours Look a Lot Like Nines

Words Matter

Things I Could Have Bought

Front page design 2

Google Buys Nest for $3.2 Billion

Beats Music

Front page design

'Summing up years of work in one sentence'

A Soft Murmur

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New Site Search

Sherlock Mini-Episode

My Frozen Yogurt Recipe

Writer Pro for Mac

A Year of Nothing New

De-clutter Your Social Networks, Part One

The Week in Review

A Break for Exams

An iPad Painting of Morgan Freeman

Amazon's 30-Minutes-or-Less Delivery by Drone

A Change to Linked Items

Thanksgiving Break

The NYT Diff

Reporter for iPhone

Football as Football

Give Your Resume A Face Lift

A Usability Audit on Myself

The New iPads

Day One for iOS 7


Research Publications at Facebook

The Kinsa Thermometer

Mavericks Update for Mail.app and Gmail

Fiftyfootshadows.net iOS 7 Parallax Wallpaper Pack

Vesper Support Guidelines

Using Tabs in the Mavericks Finder

Betteridge's Law of Headlines

Nike+ Move

Mavericks Detects Movement to Delay OS X Sleep

Skim PDF Reader for Mac

The Importance of Journaling

On the Shoulders of Giants

Slow Fast Slow by Studio Neat

Tweetbot 3 FAQ

Tweetbot 3.0

A Case for Bordered Buttons in iOS 7

Some stats from KDHQ

iOS 7.0.3 Released with Faster Transitions

Live Stream of Today's Apple Event

Foolish Reporting of the Week: Brad Reed

Google's Hangouts App Can Now Make Phone Calls

Tapbots and iOS 7

Cupertino Council Approves Apple's 'Campus 2'

Square Cash


Nest Protect: Your Smoke Alarm, but Beautiful

Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation

Elon Musk on Model S Fire

How to Make a Vepser 1.007

Lovingly Crafted

Google Releases "Web Designer"

Overcome Mediocrity, Not Fear

My Apps and Home Screen

We're Creating a Culture of Distraction

Samsung's Golden Galaxy S4

9 Million iPhones Sold, 200 Million Users on iOS 7

Brief Hands-On with the New iPhones

The Bullet Journal Note-Taking System

John Gruber Reviews the iPhone 5C and 5S

PSA: iOS 7 Ships Tomorrow

The Best Places for Desktop Wallpapers

The Five C

The Best

My Gear

The Curse of Unlimited Data

Jumping in

Microsoft Arc Touch mouse

A brief review of Vesper

What matters

Social scoreboards


Generating graphs with Processing

Two years

URLs for Email

Bike ride

I am a remix

Fix your Mount Union .EDU email