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A less Pro Macbook

(Update: I ended up sticking with my Macbook Pro. I love it too much.)

I recently got myself a 13’ Macbook Pro. This thing flies. It is absolutely great for anything that needs a little extra horsepower and it performs really well with anything I throw at it. However, it feels like overkill. More importantly, it is making me feel like I’m losing touch with what I really need.

I don’t want power. The sad truth is that no amount of CPU or RAM is going to make me sit down and actually start writing. What I want is something simpler, less fancy. Where I’m the one supplying the power.

My thoughts turned to the Macbook Air as a possible replacement. It’s less powerful, much more light and would easilly go with me wherever I wanted to go. I hate staying in my dorm when I work, but the thought of adding seven extra pounds to my backpack just to bring my laptop along makes me cringe.

I’ve read plenty of posts online saying that the MBA is capable of doing development work, one of the only things I was worried about. I’m going to continue looking around and maybe try to find a buyer for my practically brand new Macbook Pro. I appreciate the power, but I just don’t need it.

Sunday, 4 September 2011