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ABC's One-On-One with Tim Cook

ABC News has put up a video of their one-on-one interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. David Muir, ABC’s interviewer, and Cook discussed the new Mac Pro, Apple’s increasing focus on manufacturing within the U.S., and the government’s transparency. Craig Federighi and Bud Tribble made guest appearances in the video, but they were not taped while speaking.

In regards to the government, Cook was adamant that no “backdoor” exists on Apple’s servers. He also said that Apple will be pushing congress to be more transparent with data requests for users’ information.

The video ended with Muir and Cook talking about Steve Jobs:

Muir: Steve Jobs said to you, “I never want you to ask what I would have done, just do whats right.”

Cook: “By saying what he said, for me, it relieved I believe a huge burden that would have existed had he not said it. And so I think it was incredible for him to do that.”

If you ever needed a final nail in the coffin of the “what would Jobs have done” argument, this is it. Jobs wanted Cook to run Apple the way Cook would run Apple.

This video was just the latest of several I have seen that feature, somewhat candid, Apple executives. Jobs tended to be far more reclusive in regards to the media, but I find being able to see the faces that lead Apple and hear their thoughts is satisfying and reassuring.

Sunday, 26 January 2014