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Creating Better Passwords

Jesse Gardner has a brilliant way to give each of your sites a unique, yet memorable, password. He does this by starting with a common “key” phrase or password, and then changing that key, based on the site it is being used for:

The beauty of this system is that if someone hacks one of your accounts and gets your password, they’ll have a single, unique password that’s not useful anywhere else. And if you do need to go through and change your passwords (which you should do from time to time), you can either change the formula or change the key. This means that old passwords long forgotten are only a formula or random key away from being restored.

Gardner’s post may seem a little complex at face value, but he has some good examples that help illustrate the methodology and how to use it. I have been using this type of system to create my own passwords for a couple years now, I even got my dad using it too, and this is definitely the best way to go.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014