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Build stuff, tell people

Build stuff and tell people. It’s a simple mantra. Anyone who makes something (code, designs, gear) should be doing this. You’re only going to get better at what you do.

Take the company GitHub for example. They’re building awesome stuff that lets users share and publish their code, and then writing awesome blog posts about how they did it. Their latest blog post, Designing GitHub for Windows talks about the recently released Windows counterpart to their GitHub for Mac app. Now, Windows users can manage their git repositories without needing to open up a command prompt.

The post takes an in depth look at the steps they took, all the way back from the sketching stage, to put the application together. The app itself is nice, but this sort of blogging-about-the-process is a huge part of what makes GitHub great. Building something awesome and then writing about it is what fosters better programmers, designers and creator culture in general. This isn’t the first time they’ve done this, just go take a look through the archives of their blog and you will find posts about the cool stuff they’ve built. Everything from major apps to small side projects.

It doesn’t matter what you’re making right now. When you’re done, write about it. Blogs are free. This is how you get better at what you do. Build stuff, tell people.

Thursday, 7 June 2012