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Goodbye, Facebook

It started with one text from my girlfriend. The message read:

byebye facebook

Strong words coming from her, but I got excited. Leaving Facebook was an idea I have been toying with for quite a while now, but never had the motivation to actually do. Here now was my opportunity, and I decided to take it it.

There were some real reasons for keeping my profile active, namely that I am the sole admin/developer for several pages and applications. However, after taking some time to transfer ownerships to other individuals (namely our office’s “social” account so I can still do my job), I’m free and clear.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the effects of not owning a Facebook identity are. Facebook, having become a part of my generation’s DNA and about to file for a record-breaking IPO, it will be weird to watch everything happen from the outside. However, it’s about time I started removing some of the things that distract me from real life. Emily and I have a bet that the first one to log back in owes the other dinner, but after only an hour into this hiatus, I don’t know whether we’ll ever see a winner.

Sometime’s it’s nice to be outside.

Thursday, 2 February 2012