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Drawing with paper

paper drawing

I’ve had this iPad for a couple weeks now, and something that always seems to surprise me is how easy it is for people to just pick up and start using.

This is particularly highlighted by my recent attempts to put Xubuntu on my grandfather’s aging iBook. Device drivers be darned.

When people pick up the iPad, there is some level of intuitiveness that they just get. Most recently, I was letting my girlfriend explore around and she opened up Paper by 53. Paper is an amazing sketching/painting/drawing app with an even more amazing interface. After showing her how to pull up the different brushes, I didn’t give her any more guidance and she created the picture you see above.

If I hadn’t taken the iPad away, she would still probably be drawing.

There’s something to be said for this type of interaction, and that’s why Apple is world known. They’ve created something magical that lets the user dive into the app and create, not just consume. As much as I enjoy using the iPad myself, there is something even more cool about watching others use it. Especially if it is their first time in a particular app.

Saturday, 26 May 2012