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A Year of Nothing New

It seems I wasn’t the only one who wanted to mentally, physically, and spiritually start cleaning out the clutter that seems to accrue with time. Sarah Durr, my good friend and future sister-in-law, writing over on her blog Life, Love and Words, says she’s giving up buying anything new for a whole year. This part is my favorite:

Then I started asking myself: What is the reason we own anything other than what we need? The answer isn’t even really because “we want” but rather simply because we can. Because we have the resources to have not just a home, but one filled with things. And we live in a society where the ability to have things becomes a right, and we forget anything we claim ownership of isn’t actually ours.. Nothing ever is.

God has been incredibly good to me and to my family. I have never had to experience a day without food, or a night without a place to sleep. As I type this from my personal Macbook, sitting beside the latest iPhone, I am reminded how easily our “things” can become distractions, separating us from people, nature, and time.

One of Sarah’s main examples of spending was the act of buying new clothing; mine would be purchasing new apps. I’ve written about this issue before, and I always struggle with finding a healthy cutoff point — one that lets me still review cool apps but without impulsively buying anything unnecessary. I’ll be revisiting my habits in that regard this week.

Regardless, the very fact I am writing these words right now means that I have been given the gift of today. I don’t yet have tomorrow, and I should do everything possible to make the world a little better with the time I have right now. That’s all any of us have.

Thursday, 19 December 2013