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Eight days without Facebook

It’s been eight days since I deactivated my Facebook account. After being truly logged out for more than a week, here are a few of the interesting things I’ve noticed:

Facebook: the 40 minute hour

This week without Facebook may have been one of the most productive, non-exam weeks of my life. It’s not that I was spending an inordinate amount of time on the site to begin with, but taking away the 10-20 minute visits every couple hours has been great. I’m getting a whole lot more done.

Their design kinda sucks

I think while I was actively using the site, I put up with the quirky, inefficient layout because I needed it. Now that I don’t, I feel the overall design is flawed. When concepts like Information Architect’s idea from 2006 exist, it’s sad to see Facebook has gotten worse at displaying less information. Every time I look at the screen of someone logged into Facebook, it’s like looking at the vomit of a robot who overdosed on blurry pictures and a copy of the Fake AP Stylebook.

Can I get yo number?

My phone address book, sans any Facebook sync, is woefully out of date and incomplete. If I were going to return to Facebook for anything, it would be so I could use the directory of up-to-date contact information on people I actually care to communicate with. This is ignoring the, maybe larger, issue that I can no longer search for people I’ve just met. I didn’t realize how much I relied on Facebook to keep tabs on my friends’ emails and phone numbers.

I’m more happy

This is completely subjective, but I feel more happy. I’ve started this habit where, when I get bored, I practice coding and work on small side-projects. My old habit would have been opening a browser to check Facebook, but now I have time to do something I actually enjoy and will make me a better programmer. It’s about reallocating my time into things that will give me long-term yield.

I’m still adjusting to being outside the Facebook bubble. Like I mentioned, it’s rough not having all your friends’ contact information readily available. However, most of the people I talk to these days go to school with me and are searchable in Mount’s online directory. I’m curious what another week logged out will show me, especially since it will be over a major holiday.

Short synopsis: I’m out and don’t have any rationale for going back.

Friday, 10 February 2012