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Frank Chimero's New Personal Website

Frank Chimero, one of the veterans of web design and a personal hero of mine, just took the wraps off his new website:

So, here we are: aesthetics, content, and purpose all lined up. Make it colorful, make it boxy, make it a little cluttered. Fill it with things that you love, and for god’s sake, Frank, get all of your stuff in one place so people can find it, and you can feel a bit of pride about the things you’ve made and collected. So, if you go down through the navigation, you could see it as an index of my work and passions. Success!

His new design is one that harkens back to when personal websites looked, and felt, personal. It has color, character, and feels like a home — not a museum.

As I talked about in 003 of The Log, I’ve always struggled with designing something personal for my own website. I tend to stick with the more “minimalistic” designs that, although good in some cases, tend to resemble a majority of other websites out there.

Hats off to Mr. Chimero for this great redesign; I truly enjoyed looking around a website, instead of just consuming.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014