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Folded heart

Every day, once I get back from classes, I go through all the loose papers that I accumulated for that day and organize them into spiral notebooks according to their subject. Because I rarely have time to do this in class, I often fold the papers I receive in half so they better fit into the pockets of my bag.

A couple days ago, however, I changed the way I fold these papers. Before, I would always fold them so that the content was on the inside, protected from the abuse it might be subject to in my bag. This works great in theory, but once you start having to organize lots of loose folded paper, you realize how tedious it is to unfold each one to find out where it belongs. To fix this, I now fold my papers with the content on the outside. This allows me to quickly see where it should be sorted to when I organize at the end of the day.

I started to draw analogies between my papers and the way people express themselves and their faith.

Some people get wrapped up in themselves, focusing all their energy inward. This allows them to feel safe (who cares if the backside of a paper gets dirty?), but prevents them from ever sharing who they really are with others. They lose the opportunity to help others, given that they’re not even looking beyond their own thoughts and needs.

The other type of person shares their heart outwardly. It’s more of a risk, opening yourself up to the world, and you may even get a little roughed up for it, but ultimately this is what God wants us to do. It makes it that much easier for Him to work through us when we’re open to begin with.

Which way do you fold?

Saturday, 17 September 2011