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My Frozen Yogurt Recipe

After countless trial and error, I have finally settled on, what I believe to be, the best frozen yogurt recipe. If you enjoy vanilla and a good cup of coffee, try this out:



Start with a small base-layer of vanilla cake batter ice cream. Follow up with another light layer of vanilla yogurt. Next, add about a tablespoon of granola to the mix, followed by another tablespoon of chipped mints. If possible, you want to add five to 10 3-5 (holy, caffeine) espresso beans. Next, drop two or three tablespoons of crushed / broken peanuts on top, throw in a few squashed raspberries, and top it all off with a (single) kiwi. Finally, stir in a small amount of caramel syrup. Eat immediately.

Frozen yogurt (froyo) cafes have become quite popular around these parts. And despite the fact that a bowl of frozen yogurt topped with candy, cookies, and flavored toppings is in no way “more” healthy for you than a bowl of ice cream, I am quite fond of the whole experience.

Sunday, 22 December 2013