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Sweet new bag from the folks at GORUCK:

GR0 is exactly proportionate to GR1, only 5 liters smaller. Fitwise, if you’re under 6’ tall, GR0. Over 6’ tall, GR1. GR0 has all the same features as GR1, including 3 rows of MOLLE webbing and compatibility with the GR1 Field Pocket.

Same great build, smaller package. However, based on my own experience with the GR1 (I’m 5-8), I’d recommend the following:

If you’re 5-7 and under, definitely a GR0. For everyone else, it depends on how much you want to fit in the bag. I’ve been able to pack three-days worth of clothing into my GR1, but for those who don’t need the extra space, a GR0 looks perfect.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013