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How to Make a Vepser 1.007

Dave Wiskus put together a fantastic post about the design decisions behind the latest iOS 7 update to, my personal favorite note-taking app, Vesper:

Rather than merely slap a fresh coat of paint on things, we wanted to take the same approach we did with 1.0 and really think through the state of iOS. Which decisions did we agree with? What did we think still needed improvement? Here are some notes on how that process worked.

My favorite new feature? The use of small caps for titles of notes. Small caps look terrific, particularly in the Ideal Sans typeface.

John Gruber and Brent Simmons also wrote up some thoughts regarding this latest version: Gruber on what’s new and next for Vesper; and Simmons with a development diary, chronicling his decisions and thought process working with iOS. Both are well-worth the read if you’re interested in seeing what all goes into shipping a great app.

Thursday, 3 October 2013