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An iPad Painting of Morgan Freeman

Kyle Lambert, a talented visual artist, recently completed, what he’s calling, “The world’s most realistic finger-painting”:

I recently discovered that it was possible to create incredibly high resolution (4k) paintings using only my iPad, and I wanted to see just how far I could push digital artwork and paint a true photorealistic portrait. […]

The finished painting is made up of around 285,000 brush strokes and took more than 200 hours to complete. The entire process was captured as a time-lapse video by Procreate, allowing you to watch over 200 hours of painting in just 3 minutes.

I could say that the iPad is incredible for having a touchscreen accuracy that allows for such detail to be achieved.

I could say that iOS is incredible for having so many high-quality applications that facilitate this type of artistic output.

But what I’m going to say is that people are incredible, and, given good tools, they can create amazing things. This painting also serves as a box of nails in the coffin of the iPad-isn’t-for-content-creation argument.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013