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Looping with Liquid

In my podcast.xml file, I have a loop that goes through all my posts and identifies which ones are episodes of The Log:

for post in site.posts limit:10
  if post.layout == 'post-log'
    # Do cool loopy stuff

This was working great, but I began to notice that only the latest two episodes of The Log were being displayed on its iTunes page. I spent about an hour searching the web, before I realized my mistake. I originally thought that limit: 10 would grab the 10 most recent episodes of The Log, but because the logic of if post.layout == 'post-log' comes inside the loop, Liquid1 only cycles through the last ten items I’ve posted — regardless whether it was an article, link, or episode.

The temporary fix is easy, just remove the limit:

for post in site.posts
  if post.layout == 'post-log'
    # Do cool loopy stuff

Seems to do the trick, but I may want to look into assigning each episode of The Log a category and looping through that specific category with for post in site.the-log.posts.

  1. Liquid is the markup language that Jekyll, the engine that powers this blog, users to parse through the various templates I’ve created. If you’re just getting started with Liquid, Shopify has a fantastic guide that I’ve consistently gone back to. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014