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Presentation: Mobile Web and Applications

Update: The Alliance Review has posted the online version of the article that covered my presentation.

Whew, last week was packed for me. If you noticed the irregular publishing schedule, I apologize. Let me show you what took up most of my time.

About three months ago, I was asked by my university’s Office of Marketing to create a presentation about mobile applications. The audience would be a mix of business- and marketing-focused professionals, and my job was to both educate and advise as to the current state of mobile applications.

Although it does not have my notes, you can see the slides I created below. This should help you get a feeling for the direction and areas I focused on.

At a high level, the outline went something like this:

  1. To start, I focused on the beginning of the mobile application revolution, which I identify as the time after Apple introduced the iPhone.
  2. Next, I moved to the unique differences between web applications and native applications.
  3. Finally, I showed some off some of the companies who are doing interesting things between their existing websites and their mobile efforts.

The whole presentation went very well. It was truly an honor to present to those in attendance, and I would like to thank everyone involved with helping make it a success.

One of the last slides I used was of a photographer, and I closed with the following lines:

One of my favorite sayings is “the best camera is the one you have with you.” But let me turn this around a bit and say: “the best customer is the one you can always be with.”

Monday, 17 February 2014