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9 Million iPhones Sold, 200 Million Users on iOS 7

Apple just announced that they sold over nine million new iPhones this past weekend, breaking all previous records for a product launch. They also noted that over 200 million users have upgraded to iOS 7.

iPhone Sales

Make no mistake, nine million is a huge number for Apple on a product launch weekend. However, since we weren’t given the breakdown of sales between the 5C and 5S, I’m going to take this one with a grain of salt — especially since Apple sold over five million iPhone 5s on launch weekend last year.

Worst case scenario, Apple sold 4.5 million of each new iPhone, breaking no single-device record, but still selling a boatload of phones.

iOS 7 Adoption Rate

At their September 10th event this year, Apple announced they would be shipping their 700 millionth iOS device by the end of September. Today, with over 200 million users now running iOS 7, this means that Apple has nearly 28% adoption for a three-day-old operating system. That’s incredible.

SIDE NOTE: Living on a university campus, even one with decently fast internet, the iOS 7 launch absolutely crippled our network. Browsing tweets and Facebook posts from friends at other schools confirmed this was not an isolated issue.

It’s been a huge three days for Apple. And, keeping my ear open to the conversations on campus, it seems iOS 7 is gaining both appreciation and support the more people use it.

Monday, 23 September 2013