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The NYT Diff

The Diff (presumably named for the programming notion of viewing changes in code) is a fascinating little device from the Times that monitors their online headlines and prints out a visual representation of any changes that occur. Noah Feehan, writing for the NYT Labs blog:

Diff is a small device that monitors the internal events stream of The New York Times and prints out a summary each time an active headline is changed. As it runs, it generates a long stream of changes printed on thermal paper: text that was removed from a headline is rendered as inverted, while additions to a headline are underlined.

The end result is really quite cool, and it seems they took inspiration from NewsDiffs.com, a site that does the same thing as Diff, but also tracks changes to the articles themselves.

As someone who loves the intersection of technology and writing, I love this type of stuff.

Hat tip to Nick Heer for originally linking to Diff.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013