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Hi. All my current writing is over at Audacious Fox, and I'd love to show you around. Thanks for reading.

Podcasting Diaries

One of my goals for this semester is to start a small podcast. I have always loved public speaking, and I truly enjoy finding the stories of other people. Hopefully this will give me the chance to do just that.

After buying an awesome microphone [referral link], I spent the first few days just playing with various audio settings and was able to get a feel for how the microphone handles different environments. Next, I came up with some topics I wanted to discuss with a guest, and I set up a time to record. Finally, tonight, I recorded the first episode.

Even though the first show is recorded, edited, and ready to go, I want to get two or three more episodes set up before publishing anything. If everything goes well, you can expect to see an announcement next week.

Having gone through the whole process from idea to production, I have a few notes to share, and will continue to share as I learn more:

This first episode was fun, but I know that there are plenty of places I can improve — both as a host and a producer. I am still debating over where the podcast will live once ready (on kyledreger.com or its own domain), and I have not yet settled on a name. Nonetheless, I now have one good episode and could not be more excited to record the next.

Thursday, 6 February 2014