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Search and destroy

One of the hardest parts of keeping on top of your schedule at college is actually knowing what you have to do. Most of us get the work done, but sometimes I find myself wanting to avoid having to see what I need to do for a project. What little motivation I have is further squandered when I have to go out of my way to check on assignments; whether they’re online, or the teacher sends them out after class.

The best way I’ve found to keep track of, and actually do, the work I’m assigned is to get into a mindset of actively seeking out my tasks. Once I do that, I take 30 seconds and asses how long a given assignment is going to take me. Suddenly, things get a lot easier. Even though the difficulty of the task may not have changed, at least now I am aware of the time and energy it will take to complete, which allows me to schedule my day around my work more effectively.

Stay away from throwing the task into a long list of todo items. Rather, actually block off time in your day to attack the assignment. Half an hour between lunch and class? Start your Intro to Psychology flashcards. Make an appointment with your tasks and keep to them.

Search for your work. Assess how long it will take to complete. Mark it into your schedule. Do it.

Friday, 9 September 2011