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Sync Google Fonts to Your Desktop

Fonts.com has put together a pretty cool new service, dubbed SkyFonts, that lets you sync any of Google Fonts’ 1,173 typefaces to your computer:

We are proud to have teamed up with Google to offer desktop versions of their popular Google Fonts free of charge. Offered for use in print, these fonts are delivered using SkyFont’s patent-pending font delivery technology and can be used anywhere.

Each time a font is updated — such as when new characters are added — SkyFonts will automatically update the font on your device. Syncing Google Fonts with SkyFonts will also improve your web browsing experience, by cutting the time spent downloading fonts.

They offer apps for both OS X and Windows, and you can download individual weights of a particular font or batch-install the top-50 most popular families.

Although the app interface is a little cumbersome (you have to use Fonts.com’s interface to queue files for download), the service makes it extremely conveineint to get access to a huge library of decent fonts for free. If you have ever searched for fonts online, you know how ad-filled and link bait-ridden those download pages can be; SkyFonts is a nice alternative.

My one question for SkyFonts is: how do they know which computer to send the fonts I queue? I never registered for an account; I just downloaded the app, and it worked. They could be cross-matching IP addresses, between the app and the browser, but that would be an unconventional way of going about it. I couldn’t find anything on the site, except that Fonts.com calls the method a “patent-pending font delivery technology.” Interesting.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014