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Nest Protect: Your Smoke Alarm, but Beautiful

Nest, the company behind the gorgeous (yes, gorgeous) thermostat, just released their latest product: a smoke and carbon monoxide detector called the Nest Protect. Tony Fadell, C.E.O. of Nest and Apple alumni, on his company’s blog:

It was never just about thermostats. At its core, Nest has always been about the home. We reinvent unloved home products to create simple, beautiful, thoughtful things. First we made an entirely different kind of thermostat, because saving energy should be easy. Now we’ve reinvented the smoke alarm, because safety is too important to be annoying.

This is the type of innovation I love the most — taking commonplace technology and reimagining how it interacts with us on both a functional and emotional level.

Be sure to check out the Protect’s demo videos on its product page, and then go read Steven Levy’s big write up for Wired if you want a closer look at this fascinating little company.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013