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Using the right tools

The other day I was trying to open the battery cover on our new electronic-banking Monopoly game set. I was having a problem getting the cover off because it was screwed into the hard plastic casing that made up the banking device. Quickly looking around for a phillips screwdriver proved unsuccessful, so I did what any other man would do; improvised.

After trying to use both a butter knife and a slightly bent paper clip, I was still unable to open the battery door. I took one more look around the house and finally found a phillips head screw driver. Within 10 seconds of using the right tool, I had the casing off and was inserting the new batteries.

It may seem like a no brainer that the Phillips head screw driver would most easily back out the philips screw, but how often do we try and accomplish tasks throughout our lives without using the right tool. A task that only took 10 seconds with the right equipment could have ended up taking much longer had I still been trying to use the bent paper clip.

What sort of “tools” are you using in your life and are the the right ones for the job? Remember, tools don’t have to be in the form of a hammer or screwdriver, a tool can be your Bible or your favorite Christian CD. If you’re trying to build up a relationship with God, using the right tools can make a huge difference. Spend some time during the next few days identifying what tools you are using in your daily life and whether they are the best ones for the job. If they aren’t, maybe it’s time to look into some alternative ways to go about achieving your goals.

Saturday, 3 September 2011