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The Unpublished

Sometimes, as a writer, a nagging thought or idea will torment you relentlessly until you slay it with a hot iron sword of words and punctuation. However, not all battles lead to a publishable work; sometimes the ideas were so battered by the battle, the only consolation they can give is the peace of mind that you emerged victorious.

Here’s to the unpublished posts of writers everywhere. To that idea that needed written out, but then offered up little in the way of adding anything meaningful to existing conversations. To the countless drafts that will never see the light of a visitor’s screen. To the hours spent writing from one side of an argument, only to realize that you might, in fact, support the obverse.

Quality posts are the byproduct of many that were never published. A necessary sacrifice, and one that every writer will have to make countless times. And, for certain, the only way to ensure the published count remains atop the un is to keep writing, and never stop.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014