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Empire's Definitive History of The West Wing

Empire has a great collection of interviews and photographs from The West Wing. I particularly liked this little bit from Martin Sheen, talking about creator Aaron Sorkin:

SHEEN: Aaron’s very sticky about using precise language. It’s in his contract: you have to use what he writes! It was poetry couched in politics, but it was poetry for the common man. It made us feel that our thoughts and our emotions and our hopes and fears could be expressed in a more lofty way and be no less human. He has that extraordinary gift of making ordinary people speak in an extraordinary way.

I think that’s what I like the best about The West Wing: the characters provide an image of high intellect, but one that you felt could be attained. I’ve already watched most of the series, but my wife and I are currently working our way through season three on Netflix. Good stuff.

Thursday, 9 October 2014