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Things I Could Have Bought

As I sat here debating which RSS syncing service to invest in, a familiar tug on my conscience appeared. Do I really need this service? What problem does it solve? Could $18 be better spent?

For the past few weeks, God’s been asking me these types of questions, and I’ve done my best to avoid listening. But tonight, inspired in part by my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s yearlong hiatus from buying anything nonessential, I finally stopped avoiding His queries. After some reflection, I’ve decided to take six months off from buying anything digital. Specifically, “digital” can refer to: apps, online subscriptions, music, and domain names — I’ll add more to this list as I find them.

How many books on my desk still remain unread? Do I ever really become proficient with a an app if I switch every couple weeks? Which of the last few domains I purchased have I actually used? These are all questions that I want to stop feeling embarrassed about when answering, and the best means to that end is to put a hold on adding to the problem.

This might sound unorthodox for a writer who focuses on some of the very things he’s giving up, but I’ve found that listening to the small questions from God can return the biggest rewards. If you want to follow me in this challenge, bookmark this page; I’ll be updating it with the price and name of anything that I get the inclination to buy. I’m curious how high the total savings get come July 15th.

Total saved: $48.00

Wednesday, 15 January 2014