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Avenir Next has long been my typeface of choice for kyledreger.com. However, Avenir Next only comes pre-installed on OS X machines, which means that I had to fallback to system fonts for my Windows readers.

As I was working on a typographical refresh of the entire site, I decided that it was time to choose a webfont that would appear the same to all readers, as the font family would be served with the webpage itself and agnostic to the operating system. After looking at a variety of webfont hosts, my search inevitably ended with the renowned Hoefler and Co’s cloud.typography.com.

I knew it would end here, too. Some of the most recognizable fonts in the world come from H&Co. (formerly H&FJ), and I’ve been eyeing their library of typefaces for quite a few years.

Next came the difficult part. Avenir Next is a fantastic typeface. It’s got a geometric element to it, and the x-height is something I find aesthetically pleasing; finding a replacement font family would be no small task. However, after browsing through all of H&Co’s fonts, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Whitney: a genuine and simple sans-serif. I find that the crisp and kerned letters — particularly at small font sizes — also helps keep things readable, even at a smaller font size (currently 14px).

I may experiment with a few other typefaces from H&Co, but Whitney does an exceptional job at passing along my unspoken, rhetorical message. For now, I’m extremely pleased, and things (literally) look fantastic.

Thursday, 8 May 2014