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The Curse of Unlimited Data

I’m one of the few lucky Verizon customers who still has an unlimited data plan. However, as I begin to look at possible upgrades for my three-year-old iPhone 4, I find myself in the predicament of getting an upgrade without being forced into a capped data plan.

Unfortunately, people in my situation only have two real options:

  1. Buy an unsubsidized, relatively-new device, off eBay or Craigslist and activate my number on it.
  2. Upgrade one of our other eligible lines to a new device and then switch that phone to my line.

Although option #2 would save me a little money upfront by subsidizing the price of a phone, it would force whichever line we upgraded to lose unlimited data and be locked into a new two-year contract. Option #1 is currently the only upgrade path for me without having to sign a new contract.

With that in mind, I plan on waiting to see what Apple announces at their September 10th event and then making a decision from there. If they do release a new iPhone(s?), I can at least look forward to a flood of used iPhone 5s hitting eBay and Craigslist; along with a nice little drop in price.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013