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Vesper Sync

John Gruber, writing over on the Vesper blog, announcing Vesper 2.0 with Vesper Syncing:

There is no charge. No subscription. You just create an account using your email address as your identity and it works.

Vesper remains my note-taking app of choice, and this is a great update. But what’s next for Vesper? To my joy, a Mac client; Gruber:

We have several ideas for future Vesper clients, but we’ve decided which one we’re going to tackle next: Mac. We did the iPhone version first because the iPhone is the one device you have with you everywhere, and we remain convinced that was the correct decision. Ubiquity is essential to a notes app. The Mac, though, is the device where we’re most productive.

Color me excited.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014