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A brief review of Vesper

I’ve tried tens of iOS note-taking applications over the years. Among others, I’ve tested Simplenote, Elements, iA Writer, and Notesy, but none were able to evoke the feelings I get when writing something into my Field Notes notebook. I was looking for delight.

Then I found Vesper.

Vesper is a different kind of note-taking application under the mantra “Collect your thoughts,” and developed by three gentlemen all seasoned in apps and design. Named after a cocktail invented by James Bond, Vesper is every bit as subtle and well dressed as Bond himself. I find myself delighted in the simple animations, speed (like butter on my iPhone 4), and execution of concepts like tagging and archiving.

$4.99 may seem steep for a note-taking app with only a handful of features and no syncing, but go read Dave Wiskus’s post on designing Vesper and you’ll see just how much effort was put into nailing the details. That’s what I’m happy to pay for.

At half the cost for a 3-pack of Field Notes, I consider Vesper an investment in how my brain enjoys working. My only concern is the lack of syncing / iCloud backup, however I’m certain that’s one feature we’ll be seeing eventually. If you love Field Notes, skip the grande coffee today and grab a copy of Vesper instead.

Saturday, 13 July 2013