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iA Writer 3.0


If you came here to read about ground-breaking new features, we have to apologize: iA Writer has not become bigger. It has become lighter, smarter, more refined.

What a great way to phrase the changes in this update. It’s refreshing to see an app remove features, while still moving towards their original goal: a minimalistic writing experience.

I’m also happy to see that there is, once again, a single version iA Writer, rather than the Regular / Pro variants they had before. Personally, I found having two versions annoying. Only want to write, iA Writer; have night mode and other editing features, iA Writer Pro. Back and forth. Ick.

Writer 3.0 is an excellent merger of Pro features into the Regular interface, and the new swipe gestures are really nice once you’re used to them. Well done!

Also, love the new icon. Emblematic of 3.0 in many ways.

This was originally published on Designer News.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015