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WWDC 2014

After today’s WWDC keynote, I need a week or so to absorb everything I just saw. Apple always puts on a great presentation, but they were in rare form this morning. A lot of the praise has to go to Craig Federighi (SVP of Software Engineering), who did a fantastic job as the unofficial MC. He brought an energy and charisma that was not only commanding, but also sincere.

It felt like Apple was the underdog again. They joked onstage, they were visibly excited, and they knew what they had would blow people away. And they were right.

Two of the big announcements:

But what I think really blew developers away (myself included) was the introduction of Swift; Apple’s new programming language, designed to replace the currently-used Objective-C. If you’re not sure why Swift is important, just know that it was an unprecedented and unexpected move, but it is one that will make programming OS X and iOS apps easier, faster, and better in the long run.

I don’t feel outlandish in saying that the Apple I saw today looked as strong, if not stronger, than I’ve ever seen them before. Although I use Apple products, it’s only ever been because I want to use the best tools available for what I do and how I like to do it. Today reaffirmed that Apple is focused and dedicated to giving me that option on their platform, and that they still know how to keep a secret.

Monday, 2 June 2014